What is Move2Social?

Move2Social is a program for social entrepreneurs and their stakeholders. In the program, social entrepreneurs are offered three months of support on developing their business plan. In addition, they are assisted in expanding their network and given concrete opportunities for financing.  Move2Social is a unique collaboration between various partners: education and knowledge institutions, informal investors, banks, government, centers for entrepreneurship and the business world join hands. This creates a unique network of contacts and expertise with which social entrepreneurs can really move forward.  

Working together on social entrepreneurship in the region. KplusV and Rabobank Foundation work together to make Move2Social a success in as many regions in the country as possible. Move2Social has now started in Twente, (Noord) Groningen, Amersfoort and (Midden) Noord Brabant. Would you like to know more, or join as a partner or ambassador in your region? Contact Corine Janssen, via 06-27085581 / c.janssen@kplusv.nl


Why social entrepreneurship?

Our society is changing into a society with more space for residents’ and entrepreneurs’ initiatives, together with a smaller but decisive government. Based on the idea that the government can not solve social issues by itself, the government is looking for partnerships and innovative solutions. By making social impact their priority, entrepreneurs fill this gap and make a direct contribution to solving social issues. These issues relate to themes such as sustainability, circular economy, healthcare, welfare and an inclusive labour market. For solving social issues, there are all kinds of great ideas among residents, (prospective) entrepreneurs and companies. It should be no surprise that the Dutch government coalition agreement of October 2017 explicitly states that there should be more room for companies with social objectives. We believe that the key to  sustainable impact, is the change of ideas to business ideas. We believe that there are plenty of interesting and viable ideas for entrepreneurship with a social impact in every region in the Netherlands.


Why Move2Social?

Move2Social breaks through growth barriers. With Move2Social, we strengthen social entrepreneurship in the region. Research shows that the number of social entrepreneurs is increasing, but starting or scaling up a social enterprise remains a challenge. There are roughly three growth barriers that social entrepreneurs generally encounter:

  1. Professionalisation: drawing up a feasible business plan and formulating a promising financing request in case of a financing need.
  2. Acquiring start-up capital: access to financing opportunities.
  3. Last but not least: the network. A network of (social) entrepreneurs and involved stakeholders. The connection between education, government, entrepreneurs and financers is seen as very positive and meaningful by the participants of Move2Social.

Every Move2Social program consist out of ten workshops and five expert sessions and takes place in three to four months. There are eight plenary sessions. In between, the participants work with their business coach on their (financial) plan. We expect from the participants that they spend on average 4- 8 hours on assignments and their own business plan. The topics of the workshops are: the social impact, the market proposition, the organization of the company, market and customer, and the cash flow. At the end the participants join together for a presentation training, to create the perfect pitch for our investors during the closing event.







Conditions and registration Move2Social works regionally. If Move2Social is active in your region, you can register your social entrepreneurship idea at the regional Move2Social website.

Conditions for participation

  • Your company is established or will be establish in the specified region.
  • Social impact is paramount in your company.
  • You generate income from the market and invest (a part of) the profit in your company.
  • Your idea is in the starting phase.
  • You take part in the program and attend all sessions.
  • Participation in screening and selection via a comprehensive (research) questionnaire is not a problem.

All information on registration and participation will be treated confidentially.

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KplusV and Rabobank Foundation work together to strengthen Move2Social in as many regions in the country as possible. Would you like to know more, join as a partner, or act as ambassador in your region to help set up this program? Contact Corine Janssen, via 06-27085581 / c.janssen@kplusv.nl


More information


KplusV works on innovative solutions for social and economic issues. With the Move2Social program we work together with partners to realize dreams of the participants in Move2Social: starting a promising, sustainable social enterprise!

If you have any questions, contact Corine Janssen, via 06-27085581 / c.janssen@kplusv.nl